WHY DETOXIFY – Our bodies accumulate different types of toxins every day through eating, drinking and breathing, as well as exposure to medications, chemicals, toxic environments, etc.  These toxins cause cells within the body to die faster, which leads to pre-mature aging and diseases.  Our bodies have organs and systems to detoxify them, but with the abundance of chemicals we are exposed to everyday our bodies are overloaded and cannot handle the massive amount of toxins.  This leaves us with lethargic and weak immune systems, as well as susceptibility to diseases.

Some symptoms of having too many toxins in our body are hormone imbalances, flu-like aches and pains, poor nutrient absorption, constipation, poor digestion, fatigue, weight gain, excessive mucus, poor concentration, headaches, edema, memory disorders, depression, inflammation of joints and muscles, skin problems, bad breath, and strong body odor are all associated with toxic build-up in our bodies.  This toxic build up in our bodies leads to chronic health problems and diseases.  The Columbia University School of Public Health reports that 95% of cancer is caused by diet and environmental toxicity.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that there are more than 20,000 chemicals that our body cannot metabolize.  The toxic substances that can’t be removed from our bodies are stored in our fat cells and organs, causing an epidemic of modern diseases. Our modern world mandates the need to make healthy choices.  The Ionic Foot Detox helps to eliminate toxins and give the body a boost.  It is a positive step to sustaining good health.

It is recommended that the average healthy adult undergo 30 minute sessions two times per week for 5 weeks.  Following the 10 sessions, a maintenance program of 1 session every 7-10 days is recommended or on an as needed basis.

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